Climate Drops

Climate Drops app tracks and rewards environmentally friendly actions of its users to protect the environment and climate of our planet. Green actions of the app’s users are tracked and converted into electronic points with their further exchange for discounts provided by app’s partners.

Climate Drops

Each point, which is called a “Climate Drop”, corresponds to 1 kg of CO2, not emitted into the atmosphere in the result of the eco-friendly activities of the app’s users. The app’s users are called “Sources” of greenhouse gases emission reductions and could generate 500 and more Climate Drops during a year.

App’s partners are environmentally friendly businesses in retail, IT, HoReCa, etc., which receive Climate Drops from Sources in exchange for discounts, bonuses, and other loyalty tools. Such businesses are called Lakes in our app.

In the future, the Lakes may obtain the possibility to sell the part of the collected Drops exceeding their own carbon footprint to carbon funds, other companies or individuals investing in climate change mitigation on the national and global level. Such funds are called Seas in our app.

As for now, Climate Drops are issued for such activities as bike riding, waste recycling and composting, tree planting, energy saving due to the execution of energy efficiency measures in buildings, and green electricity generation.

Calculation of greenhouse gases emission reductions is performed based on the internationally recognized methodological approaches and years of our company’s experience in carbon accounting.

We plan to reach 20 000 participants of the app already in 2018, operating with 10 000 000 Drops corresponding to 10 000 tonnes of greenhouse gases emissions reduction.

Climate Drops app uses distributed ledger technology (block-chain). Each user of the app has its unique blockchain wallet, where collected Climate Drops are stored. Attention! Any loss of the wallet, including the loss due to the uninstallation of the app, will lead to the unrecoverable loss of all collected drops.

To use the app it is needed to download it using the link below, register in the system and start Climate Drops generation or collection. In case of any questions, please refer to frequently asked questions section.

Download the app from Play Market.


27.02.2018 – The new version of the app has been released. Recycling and tree planting were added to the climate-friendly actions, which are tracked and rewarded by the app.

01.01.2018 – As of the beginning of 2018 Climate Drops mobile app has more than 600 users, 7 partners and works in 3 Ukrainian cities.

09.09.2017 – The app has been launched on 9 of September 2017 in Zhytomyr city (Ukraine)


Climate-friendly Actions Challenge “Climate Drops”

KT-Energy LLC runs the challenge on climate-friendly actions among schools, their students and teachers using Climate Drops mobile application.

Climate Drops app rewards environmentally friendly actions of its users to protect the climate of our planet. Green actions of the App’s users are tracked and converted into electronic points, called Climate Drops, with their further exchange for discounts and bonuses of the App’s partners. One Climate Drop stands for one kilogram of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere in the result of a specific climate-friendly activity.

Waste recycling, trees planting, biking, small scale generation of green electricity, and energy savings in buildings are being rewarded.

Contest participants: schools, which have registered for contest participation using the following link before 23:59 of the April 30th, 2018.

Contest Conditions and Selection of the Winners: the schools will compete in Climate Drops generation. The winners will be the schools, which will generate the largest number of Climate Drops per school student, by performing the climate-friendly actions.

Climate Drops are issued using the following coefficients:

  • tree planting – 45 Drops per each tree planted;
  • waste recycling – 1.8 Drops per kg of paper and carton, 0.2 Drops per kg of glass, 1.6 Drops per kg of plastic, 0.5 Drops per kg of batteries; Drops are issued after delivering the materials to a recycling facility;
  • composting of food waste – 0.5 Drops per kg of organic waste which is composted;
  • energy savings – 1.2 Drops per kWh of electricity saved.

Registered schools can start performing climate-friendly actions and accumulate Climate Drops from the moment of registration.

After the registration, a representative of the school should install Climate Drops mobile application and create a new account for the school using “Source” role during the registration. In parallel, the school representatives should encourage and help school students willing to participate in the contest by performing climate-friendly actions to install the app as well.

It is the responsibility of a participating school to settle the very waste recycling issue (which the third party will eventually get the waste recycled) in line with national regulations.

Additional clarifications to the contest rules will be provided to all registered schools during a skype-calls on 17.04 and 03.05.

Contest Duration: 1 April 2018 — 28 September 2018.

Educational activities on Climate Change: Contest participants should organize lessons dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as individual and collective actions to reduce greenhouse gases emissions (usually, during two weeks after the registration). Basic presentation materials are available at the following link.

Reporting: The schools should keep simple record of collected and delivered for recycling or composting waste materials (in kg), tree planted and electricity savings (in kWh), as well as perform reasonable photo and video recording of the executed activities. Reporting form will be provided to all registered schools. Interim reports about executed climate-friendly actions will be submitted to organizers on 30.04.2018, 25.05.2018, 14.09.2018 and 28.09.2018. The leaderboard will be published online based on the received interim reports.

The contest participants should also publish reports, photos, and video materials at Climate Drops Facebook page.

Besides general reporting, the schools maintain internal reporting for further distribution of Climate Drops among the students. As a rule, Climate Drops will be distributed among the students (from school to class and then to individual students) during 1 week after receiving the Drops. At least 65% of the Drops received by schools should be distributed among the participants.

Rewarding the Winners: 3-5 students from 5-11 grade (11-16 years old) from each of the winning schools will be given the opportunity to present the results of their school’s climate-friendly activities at the Youth Day of 24th Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, planned for December 6, 2018.

Selected teachers from the winning schools will receive support for applying for the Global Teacher Prize Award ( At least one such teacher will visit climate conference in Poland.

The selection of the students and teachers will be performed by representatives of the school, city authorities and KT-Energy LLC.

Additional factors for the selection of winning students will include:

  • active participation in educational activities on climate change,
    active participation in climate-friendly activities, both individually and collectively,
  • active account in Climate Drops app during the contest duration,
  • speaking English,
  • suggestions on the improvement of app operation,
  • involvement of other participants, including international participants, to the participation in the contest.

Additional factors for the selection of winning teachers will include:

  • active participation in educational activities on climate change,
  • improvement of educational materials, development of lessons plans and methodological guidance on climate change using Climate Drops mobile application taking into account the requirements of the Global Teacher Prize contest,
  • speaking English,
  • attraction of new Partners of Climate Drops app,
  • suggestions on the improvement of app operation,
  • involvement of other participants, including international participants, to the participation in the contest.

Logistics: The Youth Day of the COP24 is planned for December 6th. As it is foreseen now, the travel, meal, and accommodation of the Participants will be borne by the very participating schools, while the organizers are working to attract financial support to cover mentioned expenses. The organizers, though, are in charge of allowing entrance to the necessary COP24 zone and the running of the schools’ students presentations during the Youth Day. Online participation in the side-event is also considered.