Climate Drops

Climate Drops app tracks and rewards environmentally friendly actions of its users to protect the environment and climate of our planet. Green actions of the platform’s users are tracked and converted into electronic points with their further exchange for discounts, bonuses and other loyalty tools provided by platform’s partners.

Each point, which is called a “Climate Drop”, corresponds to 1 kg of CO2, not emitted into the atmosphere in the result of the eco-friendly activities of the platform’s users. The platform’s users are called “Sources” of greenhouse gases emission reductions and could generate 500 and more Climate Drops during a year.

Platforms partners are environmentally friendly businesses in retail, IT, HoReCa, etc., which receive Climate Drops from Sources in exchange for discounts, bonuses, and other loyalty tools. Such businesses are called Lakes in our platform.

In the future, the Lakes may obtain the possibility to sell the part of the collected Drops exceeding their own carbon footprint to carbon funds investing in climate change mitigation on the national and global level.

As for now, Climate Drops are issued for such activities as bike riding, green electricity generation, and energy saving due to the execution of energy efficiency measures in buildings.

Calculation of greenhouse gases emission reductions is performed based on the internationally recognized methodological approaches and years of our company’s experience in carbon accounting.

We plan to reach 100 000 participants of the Platform already in 2018, operating with 50 000 000 Drops corresponding to 50 000 tonnes of greenhouse gases emissions reduction.

Climate Drops platform uses distributed ledger technology (block-chain) and works on Microsoft Azure servers.

To join the platform it is needed to download the app using the link below, register in the system and start Climate Drops generation or collection. In case of any questions, please refer to frequently asked questions section.

Download the app from Play Market.


01.01.2018 – As of the beginning of 2018 Climate Drops mobile app has more than 600 users, 7 partners and works in 3 Ukrainian cities.

09.09.2017 – The app has been launched on 9 of September 2017 in Zhytomyr city (Ukraine)