Carbon Emission Reduction

In the area of carbon trading and carbon emission reduction projects our expertise include estimation of carbon emission reduction potential, development of project design documentation, monitoring plans and monitoring reports focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at Ukrainian industrial enterprises.

KT-Energy has developed 12 Joint Implementation projects. The projects in KT-Energy portfolio included energy efficiency improvements at industrial enterprises and heat energy supplying companies, heat and power generation with the use of biomass and fossil fuels, utilization of secondary energy resources, etc. Four projects passed all development stages, monitoring and verification procedures and delivered 578’931 emission reduction units generated during 2008-2012 to European buyers.

In 2016 we have prepared Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan for the city of Bila Tserkva, comprising baseline emission inventory for the buildings, energy generation, transport and outdoor lightening sectors, potential energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, as well as climate change adaptation measures and monitoring procedures.



Service Decription

KT-Energy provides the following carbon management services:

  • corporate carbon accounting;
  • emission inventories for industrial facilities;
  • monitoring plans and monitoring procedures for industrial facilities;
  • project design documentation for carbon emission reduction projects;
  • employees training on carbon accounting and carbon management;
  • estimation of carbon emission reduction for investment projects.

Selected Projects