Reports on Environmental Regulations Unconventional Gas Extraction

KT-Energy prepared three reports on environmental regulation for unconventional gas extraction within Ukrainian Unconventional Gas Institute project. Ukrainian Unconventional Gas Institute was implemented by Shell Exploration and Production Investments (IV) BV in cooperation with the British Council.

The Ukrainian Unconventional Gas Institute projects aimed at promoting exploration and production of unconventional gas in Ukraine, enhancing awareness and researching economic, environmental and social aspects of industry’s influence at national, regional and community level. The sub-project implemented by KT-Energy aimed at preparation of recommendation for the improvement of the state environmental regulation procedures for unconventional hydrocarbons exploration and production projects in Ukraine.

1) E-Government Tools for Environmental Permitting Procedures

The report extends the idea of environmental permitting procedures enhancement by using electronic services and other e-government tools. The report presents examples of electronic services application for environmental permitting procedures in different countries. Besides, it also contains the recommendations on the structure and functions of electronic environmental permits application system. The report has been presented to the representatives of Ministry of Environment, E-Government Agency and regional permitting authorities.

KT-Energy participate in the meetings of special working group created by the Ministry of Environment to develop electronic services for environmental permitting.

The report is available in Ukrainian.

2) Regulations on exploration and production of unconventional hydrocarbons in the framework of environment protection and monitoring

The report reviews the project issues of environment impact assessment and environmental expert review, permitting procedures in environment protection sphere, limitations imposed on well  placing, requirements on surface and ground waters’ and water sources’ protection, waste  management and others.

Available both in Ukrainian and English at

3) Proposals for reforming of unconventional gas exploration and production regulation in the area of environmental protection based on international experience

The research represents analysis of legislative framework of the British Columbia (Canada), the United Kingdom and Poland with respect to regulatory and permitting practices for production of unconventional hydrocarbons. The research offers information about regulatory bodies, covers the issue of environmental impact assessment, oil and gas well deployment restrictions, permitting procedures in the sphere of subsoil preservation and water use, process requirements to hydrocarbon production etc.

The report also contains proposals for Ukrainian environmental regulation improvements focusing on three main areas: enhancement of permitting procedures incl. e-government tools application, unconventional hydrocarbon production specifics and raising transparency and awareness.

Available both in Ukrainian and English at

Assignment Description

The following tasks were executed within the project:

  • Analysis of current legal base for environmental permitting procedures (air emission permit, waste permit, special water use permit and decision on state environmental review of the project design), set back requirements for well locations, environmental monitoring, monitoring for seismic activity and radioactive substances as well as responses to accidents;
  • Analysis of international experience (Poland, United Kingdom, British Columbia) in environmental regulations for unconventional hydrocarbons extraction projects;
  • Development of recommendations for reforming Ukrainian regulations in the area of unconventional gas extraction; the recommendations covered the issues of eliminating inconsistencies in environmental permitting procedures, increasing the transparency of environmental permitting procedures and unconventional gas extraction projects in general, improving public access to environmental information;
  • Development of specialized sections of the Unconventional Gas in Ukraine web-site (, including online map of unconventional gas extraction projects in Ukraine and information about Ukrainian Unconventional Gas Institute sub-projects;
  • Organization and conducting stakeholder consultation process, including seminars in Kyiv and Kharkiv, press-conference and media coverage.