Study on Biomass Supply and “Green Energy Accounting”

In 2012 KT-Energy developed the Study on Biomass Supply and “Green” Energy Accounting in Ukraine for one of the major European utility companies.

The scope of the study covered the investigation of biomass market and methods of “green energy” accounting and tariff formation for partial substitution of coal by biomass.

The report developed within the project included the analysis of available biomass sources (wood biomass, sunflower seed husks, reed biomass), which could be used for pellet production, analysis of current status and development perspectives of Ukrainian pellet market, as well as the economic analysis of the feasibility of pellet production projects in Ukraine.

Besides, the report evaluates logistic issues of pellets production projects development: the analysis of possible biomass and pellets transportation modes and the analysis of transportation cost using different transportation options.

Assignment Description

  • Evaluation of energy use potential of biomass resources in the regions of interest;
  • Biomass supply market analysis and preparation of a list of potential suppliers with the information on production volumes, potential supply, cost, etc.;
  • Analysis of national legislation and regulations in the area of renewable energy and biomass co-firing in particular;
  • Analysis of international experience with respect to renewable energy accounting during co-firing of biomass and fossil fuel;
  • estimation of the influence of biomass co-firing on the level of electricity tariff based on the rules of Ukrainian Electricity Wholesale Market;
  • examination of the possibility of green tariff application for electricity generated by co-firing of biomass incl. analysis of current legislative base and proposed amendments;
  • Investment analysis of pellet production projects.