Biomass based heat energy generation project development

Based on its prior straw to energy studies KT-Energy assisted our partner Soloma Project LLC in straw fueled heat energy project development.

Straw fired boiler with the capacity of 860 kW was installed in Kyiv region and is being successfully operated during several heating seasons already.  Heat energy is supplied to school, hospital and administrative buildings.

Cylindrical straw bales with the diameter of about 1.7 meter and water content up to 20% are used as a fuel.

The boiler generates about 1000 Gkal of heat energy per year, substituting consumption of 140 000 cubic meters of natural gas annually.

Assignment Description

The following tasks were executed within the project:

  • identification of land site and potential consumers of eat energy;
  • pre-feasibility study and financial analysis of the project;
  • analysis of technological solutions and equipment to be used, quantity and availability of agri-waste biomass, as well as heat demand;
  • consulting on the licensing and tariff approval procedures for heat energy generation;
  • consulting on signing agreements with equipment suppliers, service providers for construction and assembling works and straw suppliers.