Cogeneration and Utilization of Waste Heat at Uman Greenhouse Combinate

The project is aimed at reducing greenhouse gases emissions from natural gas combustion and grid electricity consumption at Uman Greenhouse Combinate (UGС), located in Cherkasy oblast, Ukraine.

The project activity involved installation of:

  • three Caterpillar G3520C cogeneration units in Uman to produce heat, electricity and CO2 for the plants in the greenhouses;
  • two heat utilizers TUV-16 to utilize the waste heat at the Talne Gas Compressor Station “Talne”, a part of Ukrtransgas Affiliated Company Naftogaz of Ukraine, which is located 1.5 km away from UGS’s greenhouses in Talne.

UGC is one of the biggest producers of fresh vegetables in Ukraine representing up to 7 % share of the market. Its main products are tomatoes and cucumbers cultivated in the Company‟s greenhouses, which are located in three places: Uman, Talne, and Khrystynivka. The total greenhouses area of the company in 2006, when the decision about the project implementation was made, was 18.3 hm 2 , which allowed production of 8162 tonnes of tomatoes and cucumbers per annum.

Assignment Description

Services of KT-Energy included the whole cycle of joint implementation project realization, namely:

  • Establishing baselines based on the requirements of international methodologies, national legislation and regulations, industry analysis and financial analysis;
  • Preliminary analysis of generation potential of GHGs emissions reduction due to the realization of the investment project;
  • Preparation of project idea note on Joint Implementation project according to the requirements of the State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine;
  • Preparation of project design document on Joint Implementation project according to national and international requirements;
  • Accompanying of the determination of Joint Implementation project by international Accredited Independent Entity;
  • Accompanying of the approval of Joint Implementation project by the Focal Point of Host Country (State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine) and Investment Country;
  • Accompanying of registration of Joint Implementation project according to the national and/or international procedures;
  • Development of monitoring questionnaires for installations, preparation of monitoring reports and accompanying emission reductions verification process.