Climate Drops

Climate Drops app tracks and rewards environmentally friendly actions of its users to protect the environment and climate of our planet. Green actions of the app’s users are tracked and converted into electronic points with their further exchange for discounts provided by app’s partners.Climate Drops

Each point, which is called a “Climate Drop”, corresponds to 1 kg of CO2, not emitted into the atmosphere in the result of the eco-friendly activities of the app’s users. The app’s users are called “Sources” of greenhouse gases emission reductions and could generate 500 and more Climate Drops during a year. Schools (see information on school contest), household owners associations, and companies could also be Sources of greenhouse gases emission reductions.

App’s partners are environmentally friendly businesses, which receive Climate Drops from Sources in exchange for discounts, bonuses or prizes. Such businesses are called Lakes in the app. They use climate drops to offset their own carbon footprint and receive discounts from other Lakes. Also, there is a technical possibility to sell the part of the collected Drops exceeding their own carbon footprint to carbon funds, other companies or individuals investing in climate change mitigation on the national and global level. We are working on practical implementation of such transactions.

At present Climate Drops are issued for such activities as bike riding, waste recycling and composting, tree planting, energy saving due to the execution of energy efficiency measures in buildings, and green electricity generation.

Calculation of greenhouse gases emission reductions and issuance of climate drops is performed based on the internationally recognized methodological approaches using the following coefficients:

  • tree planting – 45 drops per each tree;
  • waste recycling (drops are issued for waste directed to recycling facilities) – 1.8 drops per kg of paper, 0.2 drops per kg of glass, 1.6 drops per kg of plastic, 0.5 drops per kg of batteries;
  • organic waste composting – 0.5 drops per kg of composted waste;
  • energy savings – 1.2 drops per kWh of electricity saved and 333 drops per each Gkal saved;
  • electricity generation – 1.1 drops per kWh of generated electricity.

To use the app one may download it using the link below, register in the system and start Climate Drops generation or collection.

Download the app from Play Market.

15.01.2019 – Climate Drops mobile app has hundreds of users, 25 partners and operates in 14 regions of Ukraine.

6.12.2018 – 18 students and teachers from Ukrainian schools presented the results of Climate Drops School contest during the opening of the Youth and Future Generations Day at 24 Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) and invited everybody to join the contest and perform climate-friendly actions.

30.10.2018 – mobile app won Global Human Settlements Model of Green Technology Award within UN Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Forum.

08.10.2018 – The winners of the first round of Climate Drops school contest have been announced.

01.04.2018 – Climate Drops school contest has been launched.

01.03.2018 – The new version of the app has been released. Recycling and tree planting were added to the climate-friendly actions, which are tracked and rewarded by the app.

09.09.2017 – Climate Drops mobile app presented in Zhytomyr city (Ukraine)

05.09.2017 – Climate Drops mobile app published at Play Market


KT-Energy LLC runs the contest on climate-friendly actions among schools, their students and teachers using Climate Drops mobile application. School communities run educational activities on climate change, implement climate-friendly actions and projects, and exchange collected climate drops for discounts and prizes from app’s partners.

Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 1 million tonnes of CO2 through the implementation of climate-friendly activities, behavior changes, and active cooperation with climate-responsible businesses, local communities and municipalities.

2019 Climate Drops School Contest aims at selecting best students, teachers and educational institutions in becoming carbon neutral through practical climate-friendly activities and projects with the use of Climate Drops mobile application.

For the purpose of the Contest, the carbon neutrality is meant as the positive difference between the CO2 savings stemming from climate-friendly activities school communities and their carbon emissions. These emissions are calculated by the very school students with the help from Climate Drops team, while the CO2 savings are fixed with the use of Climate Drops Mobile App.

Climate-friendly activities include waste recycling and composting, tree planting, and energy savings in buildings, while climate-friendly projects refer to common activities of school communities within or outside their educational institutions, often in cooperation with local communities, businesses and other stakeholders.

How to Join the School Contest?

To become the part of the Climate Drops Contest every school ought to:

1. Register in the contest via the following link

2. Estimate your school’s carbon footprint using instructions provided by Climate Drops

3. Deliver educational materials and conduct lessons on climate change.

4. Unite school students in performing climate-friendly actions both at schools and at home

5. Collect Climate Drops and distribute them among most active school students

6. Earn gifts and rewards from Climate Drops Partners and contest organizers

Selection of the Winners

The winners will be announced at the end of 2019 before COP25 and will include:

  • schools, which exceeded the most their carbon footprint through utilizing of Climate Drops;
  • teachers, who took most active part in the contest and develop the best lessons on climate change and personal carbon emission reductions (plans of the lessons to be submitted);
  • school teams, who actively participated in Climate Drops school contest and developed the best environmental projects in their schools and communities (short video on projects to be submitted).

Additional factors for the selection of winning students will include:

  • active participation in educational activities on climate change,
    active participation in climate-friendly activities, both individually and collectively,
  • active account in Climate Drops app during the contest duration,
  • speaking English,
  • involvement of other participants, including international participants, to the participation in the contest.

Businesses are invited to support the initiative by steering the education on climate and providing rewards/discounts/gifts in exchange of Climate Drops. In parallel, businesses act to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Contest participants: schools, which have registered for contest participation using the following link.

After the registration, a representative of the school should install Climate Drops mobile application and create a new account for the school using “Source” role during the registration. Installation of the app by students could be performed during the lessons on climate change.

It is the responsibility of a participating school to settle the very waste recycling issue (which the third party will eventually get the waste recycled) in line with national regulations.

Educational activities on Climate Change: Contest participants should organize lessons dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as individual and collective actions to reduce greenhouse gases emissions (usually, during two weeks after the registration). Basic presentation materials are available at the following link.

Reporting: The schools should keep simple record of collected and delivered for recycling or composting waste materials (in kg), trees planted and energy savings (in kWh), as well as perform reasonable photo and video recording of the executed activities. Reporting form will be provided to all registered schools. Interim reports about executed climate-friendly actions will be submitted to organizers at least twice per year till 30 of May and 30 of October. The leader-board will be published online based on the received interim reports.

The contest participants should also publish reports, photos, and video materials at Climate Drops Facebook page.

Besides general reporting, it is recommended to maintain internal reporting for further distribution of Climate Drops among the students. As a rule, Climate Drops will be distributed among the students (from school to class and then to individual students) during 2 weeks after receiving the Drops. At least 80% of the Drops received by schools should be distributed among the participants.

Sustainability of motivation to implement environmentally-friendly actions greatly depends the development of the network of partners providing discounts in exchange for climate drops. Thus, we encourage schools to engage new partners in their cities, including cafes, restaurants, shops, and any other environmentally responsible businesses.

In 2018 fifty-five Ukrainian school communities have reduced 363 tonnes of CO2 by doing climate-friendly actions with the use of Climate Drops mobile application. Students recycled paper, plastic and glass, planted trees, as well as used organic waste for composting and saved electricity in schools.

Contest participants also organized lessons dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as individual and collective actions to reduce greenhouse gases emissions with the use of the educational information provided by Climate Drops team. Presentation is available in Ukrainian and English language and has been viewed on SlideShare more than 8000 times.

The winners of the contest presented their achievements during Youth and Future Generations Day at UNFCCC COP24 in Katowice, Poland.

Armed with innovative Climate Drops mobile application youth is leading pro-climate behaviour change!

On 6 of December 2018 during the opening of the Youth and Future Generations Day at COP24 students from Ukrainian schools presented the results of Climate Drops School contest.

Since April 2018 fifty-five school communities from Ukraine have reduced 363 tonnes of CO2 by doing climate-friendly actions within dedicated school contest, based on the use of Climate Drops mobile application. The winners of the contest call their counterparts from schools around the Globe to take part in the contest to reduce 1 million tonnes of CO2 by climate-friendly behaviour change.

Climate Drops Mobile App tracks specific climate-friendly actions of its users, converts the actions into electronic points, called Climate Drops, and allows their exchange on discounts from eco-responsible businesses. Within the contest, school students and teachers have earned Climate Drops by planting trees, recycling waste and saving energy in buildings. In parallel, project participants obtained additional knowledge on climate change and ways to resist it. The contest winners have been the school communities accumulating the biggest amount of Climate Drops per school student, while one Climate Drop stands for 1 kg of CO2 savings, achieved by a specific climate-friendly action.

Glib Fedorov, aged 12: “Climate Drops app and school contest has been a lot of fun for me and many pupils from our school. The Drops are like eco-money which you can earn by climate-friendly actions, like trees’ planting, for example. The Drops jump between smart-phones within seconds! Our class was especially active earning the Drops by collecting used paper which we delivered for recycling points two times along the contest!”

Daryna Prokopchuk, aged 16: “Earning and spending Climate Drops provoked me to learn more on climate change and its driving forces. At the same time, the App shows on practice that reducing carbon emissions is easy and practically everyone can reduce 500 and more kilograms of CO2 per year by altering a bit his/her behaviour! For the moment too few people know about these simple facts or act eco-friendly but school communities can spread these knowledge among the people and even get them involved!”

Oleksandr Zhuk, the winner of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2018: “As a teacher I always support my students in developing their personal competences and ability to cooperate with other people in the pursuit of common and individual good. Climate Drops educates and motivates a student to act in eco-friendly manner, turning fragmented actions into habbits over a time. Also, the App fosters the cooperation between the students for collective pro-climate action in and outside the school. Indeed, with such innovative instruments the schools can become the engines of climate change fight, making the behaviour of their whole communities much more climate-friendly.”

Maryna Diachenko, Director of Prommarket Okean company, Climate Drops Partner: “Our enterprise has become the Partner of Climate Drops App almost a year ago, aiming to support this innovative climate technology and the school contest as well as to get new clients. We are proud that we can support our clients, employees, local schools and communities in climate-friendly activities and plan to contribute more effort in reducing our carbon emissions.”

Climate Drops Mobile Application has been in testing and operation in Ukraine since September 2017. Now it has hundreds of users and 25 partners in 15 Ukrainian cities. The App is available at Play Market for smart-phones with Android OS and has been developed by KT-Energy LLC, the energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction consultancy since 2010.

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